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Hubei Bantian pharmaceutical is composed of Hainan Bantian pharmaceutical company, Wuhan Bantian pharmaceutical company, Wuhan Bantian technology company and Hubei Bantian pharmaceutical company. It is a national high-tech biomedical enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of anti-tumor, pediatric drugs, parenteral nutrition support preparations and APIs.

The company's R & D center is located in Wuhan East Lake High Tech Optical Valley Biological City, with 50 R & D personnel, including 10 doctors and 15 masters. The existing area of the R & D center is 7000 square meters. It has successively invested 150 million yuan for R & D equipment and instrument purchase.

The company introduced the Chinese American professor of the "national thousand talents program" of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee as the chief scientist; Established "academician workstation" with China Pharmaceutical University; In December 2018, it won 4 special projects of "major new drug creation" by the Ministry of science and technology and the National Health Commission. Among them, the innovative drug compound amino acid injection 18aa-v-sf and 14aa-sf belong to the exclusive varieties in China, and the standard drafting and research unit of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, which were included in the national negotiated list of Medicare drugs in January 2020 and March 2021 respectively; The company was approved as "Key Laboratory of preparation quality research and control" by the State Food and Drug Administration in January 2021.

The company has successively obtained the certificates of provincial "enterprise technology center", "provincial cancer nutrition and drug Engineering Research Center", "Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", Ministry of science and technology "high-tech enterprise", provincial "high-value intellectual property cultivation enterprise" and "intellectual property application demonstration enterprise". In 2016, "Research on Key Technologies of gemcitabine hydrochloride and its preparations" won the "second prize for scientific and technological progress" of the provincial government. In 2018, it won the title of "national advanced private enterprise in employment and social security" and "innovation and entrepreneurship strategic team" of the Provincial Department of science and technology. In 2019, it was rated as the "invisible champion in the subdivision field of pillar industries in the province" and the "intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprise" in the province by the Provincial Department of industry and information technology.

During the epidemic period, the company actively donated drugs to some hospitals across the country and donated materials to charity units and medical institutions in the province, with a cumulative amount of more than 10 million yuan.





Enterprise purpose

People oriented pharmacy saves people, cares for life and benefits mankind 


Enterprise creed

Entrepreneurship, innovation and development 


Quality policy

100% product quality and 100% drug safety 


Management idea

Drug quality first, business service excellence


R & D creed

Independent research domestic joint research international cooperation research


Enterprise vision

The company strives to build a national important production base of antitumor drugs and amino acid series preparations

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